Bella Bed and Breakfirst Stevns has three rooms. Own entrance with a small hallway. To the right you will find a small pleasant room with futon (with a thick mattresses on top for bedtime) for 1 person, armchair and a small table.  Bathroom to the left.
On the groundfloor you will find an other room with a double bed that can be divided into two separate beds. You will find 2 small tables and an armchair.
Staircase to the open sitting and sleeping room. View of pleasant courtyard (east) and the garden (east and south), view of fields (west). The room is refunished, bright and friendly. Two beds and possibility for one extra bed. You will find an armchair and a small table. You will find books and some board games.
Kitchenette with kitchen sink, electric kettle and coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator with small freezer and a dining table in one part of the room.
By the big window in the center of the room you will find a dining area with view of courtyard and garden.

We also have cots etc. for small children.

See photos from the rooms.